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WISHTREE by Katherine Applegate


    Have you ever read one of those touching stories; those stories that you think about and connect with? "Wishtree" is one of those amazing books that everyone can connect with. I am just an average 10 year old girl and I LOVED this is so touching.
    "Wishtree" is a story about a tree named Red. Red lives in front of two houses and every year people come to the tree and tie "wishes" on him. One day, a girl named Samir, who is Muslim, moves into one of the houses. Not everyone welcomes her. In face, some people want her to leave. But not Red; Red comforts Samir and makes her wish come true. Her wish is for a friend.
    If you aren't already mesmerized by this book, you will be soon! This book is funny. Yes, funny! You would think in a touching book like this, the only tears you would cry would be sad tears, but in this book you will also cry tears of happiness.
    The most important part of this book is how it teaches us about diversity! Throughout the book it shows you that everyone is equal! No matter what you look like, believe in or think, we should all love and accept each other. 
    Thank you so much Katherine Applegate for writing "Wishtree." I want you to know that children who read this book will be touched by what you wrote.
    I hope that the people who read "Wishtree" will remember, "If you find yourself standing near a particularly friendly looking tree on a particularly lucky-feeling day, it can't hurt to listen up!"

Review by Ava from Mrs Lloyd's 5th grade at Ephrata Intermediate School