This Week the Spotlight Shines on Alice from Dallas

There's no better cowgirl in all of Dallas (Dallas, Pennsylvania, that is.) than cowboy-hat-wearing, cattle-herding Alice. Everyday, she puts on her boots and spurs and ties up Nellie (her hobby horse) at the hitching rail (bike rack) at school. But Alice's confidence is shaken with the arrival of a new cowgirl, Lexis, who is really from Texas! Soon Alice and Lexis are having showdowns all over school: Lexis demonstrates how to hold up a stagecoach and lassos the monkey bars, while Alice gallops Nellie across the playground and dances her best cowgirl dance. But when Lexis hurts herself while trying to dance like Alice, Alice feels guilty, makes amends, and realizes that there really is room in this town for both of them.  If you want a bedtime story that will make your cowgirl eager to wind down and listen, read her Alice from Dallas.  You’ll find it at Otto’s, a booklover’s paradise in the heart of downtown Williamsport.

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