This Week's Spotlight is on Black Friday, 2015

People often ask, “How do you choose the books you sell?”  And we answer, “You do the choosing.”  That’s right.  When we get special orders for books, we remember how they sold and order books for similar tastes.  And that pattern extends to sale books too.  You want novels by James Patterson—we have a lot of gift quality hardbacks by Patterson on the sale tables.  You want History—we have an exciting collection of history hardbacks on sale.  You want sports and entertainment—just check our sale tables.  Black Friday, Small Business Saturday—bring your Christmas lists and we’ll help you find the right book for the right person at the right price and then we’ll gift wrap it free!  Small business Saturday—the offices and banks will be closed so there will be tons of free parking.  Come help us celebrate our 174th anniversary.  Otto’s, for 174 years, a booklovers paradise in the heart of downtown Williamsport.  


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