Violet Flames (Paperback)

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Ember Lavaris is a Fire Caster. She is a descendant of the God of Fire, which gives her the ability to cast fire magic from her palms. She is one of nine distinct species born from the ten Primordial Gods.

A Vampire killed her mother two years ago, and her father is always off on business trips, so her sister is all she has. Born with a tattoo that makes her destined to be a King's Guard, she is summoned away to fulfill her duty. She will now live with other members of the King's Guard, away from her sister, and train to be a warrior.

Unfortunately, her new trainer, Valarian Grey, is a Vampire. She must learn to trust him while training to defend her world from Demons and other malevolent creatures. Ember is caught up in a world of lust, danger, excitement, and love, all while adapting to her new life and becoming the warrior she is destined to be.


Strong Female Heroine

Slight Enemies to Lovers

Forbidden Romance

Close Proximity

Secret Relationship

Alpha Male

Touch Her and Die

Found Family

The Primordial Realm is set in a fantasy world filled with Magic Casters, Angels, Vampires, Lycans, Fae, Demons, Elven, and Mythical Creatures.

The Primordial Gods series is an 18+ Paranormal Fantasy Romance.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9780578377292
ISBN-10: 0578377292
Publisher: Peggy Sue Nail
Publication Date: January 31st, 2022
Pages: 486
Language: English