May First Friday May 1 5 to 8 PM

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Hi this is Betsy from Otto’s with the line-up for First Friday.  For the little ones we have Talented Tabby, a picture book about Leonardo da Cat, a bored feline who just wants to help…and find his real talent.  Marti Pineno from Selinsgrove has illustrated Leo’s attempts at being useful.  Oh dear!  Marti runs eCygnet Studio where she teaches other illustrators and she also teaches those who want to learn to play the oboe(!)  

Carrie Anne Noble of Montoursville will be signing her first novel, The Mermaid’s Sister, a suspenseful fantasy for the middle grade readers.  They were almost the same age and they told each other everything.  But when Meren turned sixteen she started to turn into the mermaid that she was meant to be.  Her sister, Clara, had been told she would become a stork but she doesn’t see any signs of it yet.  Their best friend, O’Neill, offers to help get Meren to the ocean before she shrinks to nothing.  Their journey is fraught with danger! Meet the author—5 to 8 Friday at Otto’s a booklover’s paradise in the heart of downtown Williamsport.