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HARRY'S TREES by Jon Cohen

For this reader, perfection came in the pages of this beautiful book, set in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania. If I could check boxes next to elements that would delight me in a book, what I would see would look like the story that Jon Cohen has conjured up in Harry’s Trees. It has all the elements of a perfect fairytale but firmly grounded in the very universal elements presented to each of us here in this world. Love and life dance with death and grief in this big-hearted story populated with a rich and diverse set of characters. It may be grief and regret that bring these characters together, but it is the ‘enchantment that is a part of everyday existence’ that allows them to forgive themselves and others, to let go and to embrace joy. Read some of the reviews and thank the stars that this former critical care nurse and son of a children’s librarian has penned this book.

Review by Alissa